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things I never told you.
some poems feel like water.
this one is more like sand,
and I'm suffocating in the maw
of a desert that was better left
rusting its clairvoyance.
it started one night when I remembered
that I've kept everything you've ever given me:
roses, faces, promises.
I never really understood
how to let things go,
and when the thought of 
turning the things you'd touched
away from my doorstep
choked the poetry from my throat,
I realized why.
I keep reminding myself that
I should probably be nicer to you,
but I think you already know 
that I'm only capable of being nice
when I'm cornered and out of ideas.
and despite what you claim,
you've never been like me.
you have a magic with the world
that I could never hope to understand, and
I think someday you'll charm the devil
into sending you back to the skies.
besides, when it came to you,
I was never an exception.
I named myself a blade of grass
and bit my tongue,
but like they say,
sometimes trouble can find you
when you least expect it.
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flammaimperatore's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey, Everyone!

I'm JED, an anime and graphics lover. <3
I was born in the Philippines but currently living in the USA.
I just turned 18 last July 2014. A shocker, huh?
Hey! I'm not the old! I'm not that young either. XD

I want to cosplay! But, -sigh-, I can't. >_<
But, if I could, I would totally cosplay Rin Okumura and Natsu Dragneel. :D
Anywho, I love editing pictures! I have a few of them submitted in my gallery.
Feel free to check them out, I'm not forcing you to, though. ;)

I speak English, and Tagalog (Filipino Language).
Some Japanese, too.
I'm a college student, and aiming my way to be an employee of the medical field.
Haha. My interests sort of doesn't go with what I want. ROFL.

I also play League of Legends. I draw things I like. But I don't upload them that much.
I don't have a scanner to properly represent it. My old on broke so I just take pictures of the things I draw. :D
You play League, too? Add me!
IGN: flammaimperatore
Server: NA

Did I mention me loving anime already? XD
My top 3 anime list would be:

1. Fairy Tail
2. Sword Art Online
3. Ao no Exorcist

Gosh! I'm a huge fan of Hiro Mashima!
Of course, as an anime lover, Id like to go to Japan.
But, I also want to travel, wanting to learn French, too. XD
And if I would travel, my first destination would be -- Paris, France!
Haha. Oui! France! I've always admired European culture, not to mention, Japanese, too. ;)

Oh yes! I'm also active in FB, managing anime and League pages, but of course, mostly Fairy Tail! *o*
Haha, ^_^

Anywho, this ends some facts about myself. If you want to know more, just comment down or send me a note.
Not that I'm saying I'm that interesting, which I am, (ROFL, Just Kidding!), feel free to know more about me. ;)

Arigatou gozaimashita! -bows-

Jan'ne! ^_^


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